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We are all storytellers – our childhood imaginations are brought to life in our dreams. I am merely the teller of the amazing stories dreamed up by my children. The tales are fun, thoughtful, inclusive, and we’ve brought them to life to share with you and your children. We hope you enjoy reading them, as much as we enjoy imagining them!

“Stories are like photographs for our hearts.”


The Pug in the Helmet – OUT NOW!

Phyllis is a safety-conscious Pug. She wears her helmet almost all the time. But this does cause one teeny, tiny problem – helmet hair! Her friends don’t share her regard for safety because they don’t want messed up hair. But they learn the hard way that helmet hair can actually be pretty cool!

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Pre-order signed copies direct from the author here. Simply let me know how many copies you’d like, and who you would like them signed for, and we’ll take it from there!

  • Order ‘The Pug in the Helmet’ direct from Amazon UK.
  • Order ‘The Pug in the Helmet’ direct from Amazon US.

The Hippopotomermaid – COMING SOON!

Doris the Hippo doesn’t have a beach-ready body. At least, not in the way she considers you’re meant to. Doris is a young hippo who regularly visits the beach with her sisters, and spends the days hiding her massive backside and dealing with a swimming costume that sticks… well… just where it shouldn’t stick. Then she meets a mermaid who explains to her that bravery and courage doesn’t come from how you look but from who you are and what you do.

A poetic story for children on the importance of body acceptance.

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