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The Pug in the Helmet

I am really exited to announce that Phyllis, the eponymous pug in The Pug in the Helmet, will be coming to Amazon very soon!

Phyllis is a safety-conscious Pug. She wears her helmet almost all the time. But this does cause one teeny, tiny problem – helmet hair! Her friends don’t share her regard for safety because they don’t want messed up hair. But they learn the hard way that helmet hair can actually be pretty cool!

This is a super fun story that helps teach children the importance of safety, while still maintaining their own essence of ‘cool’!

So where did Phyllis come from? My daughter Mathilda found a squishy pug in a bargain bin at the local garden centre and it became her number one toy! It really was very cute. One day, she stuffed it into the cycle helmet from another doll and said ‘hey, my pug’s super safety-conscious!’ And so we were introduced to Phyllis for the first time!

Why ‘Phyllis’? I grew up surrounded by fields of cows. Every year the cows would become really friendly with my brother and me, and we’d adopt them as honorary pets. One of the cows was named Phyllis. She was so lovely. She’d let us lay down next to her when she was relaxing, and come over to the fence to have her ears tickled. Although the Phyllis in our story is a pug, not a cow, this is a little homage to the lovely moo who spent her warm lazy days with us.

Illustrated by the inimitable Melissa Muldoon, The Pug in the Helmet is the first in a series of books as part of ‘The Storey Book Collection.’ Look out for more titles coming soon!

Pre-order signed copies direct from the author here.
Simply let me know how many copies you’d like, and who you would like them signed for, and we’ll take it from there!

Order ‘The Pug in the Helmet’ direct from Amazon UK.
Order ‘The Pug in the Helmet’ direct from Amazon US.

All rights reserved. Images copyright of Melissa Muldoon

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